Webcast Advertising

Webcast Advertising


As always the webcast is completely free to view; however we do need your advertising support in order to offset the costs involved in providing the service.  This year we are offering several package deals on advertising to promote your business, farm, stallions or horsed for sale.


Gold Sponsor:

This includes one Ad (300x600) pixels plus a banner ad (300x250) pixels and up to a five minute video (provided by the customer) to be shown during session breaks.  Creation of the two banner ads is included.


1 Show $400

3 Shows $900


Rotation Ads

This is a 300 x 250 pixel ad displayed beside the webcast that shares the space with all advertisers.  Creation of the ad is $25 and is waved on orders or 3 or more

 1 Show $100

3 Shows $250


Video Ads

These are provided be the client.  If you need a video produced for you contact us for our rates.  Length is limited to 3 minutes, longer videos cost a little more.

 1 Show $100

3 Shows $250


Banner/Video Package

This includes one rotating banner ad and one 3 minute or less video to be played during the breaks.

 1 Show $175

3 Shows $350


Please contact us at orders@seehorsevideo.com for more information.